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You’ve spent the last few years improving your business so that you can better serve your audience. You deserve your online presence to fit your brand and stage of your business. And you know that what you have going on now, is not doing it for you anymore.

It’s time to stop self-diagnosing and partner with an agency that breathes strategy and conversions.

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Hey hey, I’m Jasmine

Owner of Owl Haus Digital, where we are passionate about supporting small women and/or BIPOC-owned businesses and giving them a chance to compete with bigger corporations. We understand that websites are a lot more than what meets the eye and will yell out on our soapbox to all who will listen about how a well-functioning website is the core of their marketing efforts.

But that wasn’t always the case. We’re kinda late bloomers over here

For years, I struggled with trying to find a career that fulfilled me. And I’ve tried many! From the hospitality industry, to management, to makeup artistry, to teaching English in Spain, etc. But nothing ever felt right to me.

I’ve always been a techie and a numbers nerd. I love figuring out how to build things and how they work. On the flip side, I’ve always been creative (hello, makeup artistry!) also. But I never found a way to marry the two. That is until I found website development. On the search for a career that would allow me to leave teaching but continue living abroad, I realized that web design & development was the career for me. I was immediately drawn to the technical side of the process. It instantly made my little techie heart so excited.

From there I was determined to learn everything I could about how to create websites. After that, I started learning marketing, because I needed to learn how to market my own business, you know. I fell in love with the psychology of marketing and learning how people think and what causes people to make the choices that they make.

And now that I’ve seen the light, I have to share with others!!!

Fun Facts

I’ve traveled to 13 countries and counting

When I was younger, my dream career was to be Beyonce’s backup dancer.

I have over 5000 songs in my Apple Music library

I have watched Grey’s Anatomy in its entirety 3 times - currently on the 4th - and cry about the same situations every damn time

What’s important to Owl Haus Digital

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We operate in transparency, through the good and bad. Being open and honest allows there to be a higher level of trust and that is one of the best ways that Owl Haus Digital can operate to the highest level possible

Be open and honest

Having integrity is important so that we know that we are delivering the best work possible. And in an industry where there can be a fine line between influence and copying, we stay far away from copying

Have integrity

Being passionate requires dedication on the good days and the bad days. It keeps the interest in your work. It gives you the energy to work harder, be more creative, and accomplish all of your goals. And these are the types of entrepreneurs that we love to work with

Be passionate about what you do

In the online world, things are constantly changing. It is our duty to ensure that we are up to date on the latest in the industry to better serve our clients.

Be Innovative

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